Travelling Prague 

As we sit in the airport, waiting to board, I write with a heart full of love. Prague was everything and more, beautiful, magical even. 

On the first day we arrived about lunchtime ish, got our barings of our hotel & transport and headed into the old town, which was honestly stunning, I feel very lucky to have visited such a beautiful place. We ate, drank & soaked in all the culture, completely in awe of such a beautiful city. Although a little tired, we made the most of the time we had here. 

I also tried my very first trdelnik, this would be my first of three the whole trip, I must admit the first one was the best though! We also visited the absintherie and sampled their cocktail selection, all so yummy, as well as looking spectacular! 

Day two we visited the castle and the cathedral, the view from walking around the corner to see this beautiful cathedral open up was breath taking. 

Every angle of the building was incredible, so of course we had to walk to the top! (Do recommend the view, do not recommend the stairs, very long, very repetitive & very claustrophobic, and also very tiring on my poor legs!) 

We then wondered, ate, wondered, walked and found lots of beautiful spots for photo opportunities & soaking in the atmosphere. 

We also visited the mirror maze, which I was very disappointed in, there was about 3 turnings, and lots of little children walking about, not the atmosphere I was expecting. The mirrors were fun though! 

Day three we did the opposite side of Charles bridge and visited the astronomical clock, which was on my tick list from day one, and that was really amazing, so very clever, a lot of people claim it’s overrated, but I would definitely recommend going, plus the old town square is amazing to be apart of too. 

We also did a World War II tour, this was super interesting and we learnt a lot, especially from a different countries stories! 

Fast forward a lot more walking, King Wenceslas Square & more food, and our last day was up. 

There is nothing I have wished I’d done, nothing I regret doing, only wish I could stay longer! Truly stunning, truly beautiful, I already can’t wait to return! 

On to the next trip! 

Thanks for reading, love as always, L xx 

P.S 21 tomorrow ! Ahh!! 


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