Welcome Spring

So my life is pretty crazy at the moment, I haven’t had time to read, nor have I had time to catch up on myself, but today is ‘supposed to be’ the first day of Spring! It’s super rainy so I’m catching up on work as I’ve definitely been playing to hard recently! 

I had a crazy little breakdown the other day & cleaned & re organised my flat which made me feel so much better! I now have a little chocolate & plant area.. which definitely is a must, it’s making me feel so happy & refreshed every morning.. (although the chocolate is not ok, need a good detox).

*please excuse the fallen fairy lights!*

This weekend was filled with love, laughter & cocktails with my girls, but I’m now excited to focus on myself, my work & my hobbies! Just thought I’d check in, lots of exciting posts coming soon! 

*Dress from ASOS, £12* 

*Shoes from Miss Guided*

*Bag from Ted Baker* 

Makeup Instagram
Own Instagram
So much love for this next week & for entering spring! L xx 

To plant a garden is to believe into tomorrow – Audrey Hepburn


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