It’s back! 

Finally, my gym motivation is back! The last two weeks it has been hard work to get myself working! I’ve been at uni & at work a lot and think that’s what threw me, I’ve just not been interested, but this morning, although tired, I got up and had a good morning gym & yoga session, and wow I feel wonderful! Bring on this next week! 

This week I go to Prague, which means the start of my birthday celebrations! *tries to contain excitement* my best friends have booked me a spa day with them! (You may have seen this already in My Instagram) I’m so humbled and so thankful, it’s definitely needed! I love girl time! 

So I’ve treated myself to a new foundation, recommendations needed! New concealer & my beloved eyebrow pomade! Reviews coming on the foundation once I’ve tried it properly, but so far, so good! 

Also, now my peircings have healed, I am super excited to show them off!

*Can’t wait to get my nails done either*

So a very random post, but I definitely needed to write it. Do you ever get that?!

So much love for the week ahead! L xx 

Valentine’s aftermath

I’m writing this whilst late for uni, but I just can’t wait to share! 

So semester two of my second year of university has took a rather large (and fast) leap forward. So I’m super stressed, super skint and super groggy because of it. But I was so looking forward to Valentine’s Day, mainly because the majority of people are so happy and so full of love, I wasn’t disappointed. 

Upon waking up, me and my other half decided we’d do presents in the afternoon & cards in the morning, now there’s a little history behind my OH & cute, romantic cards.. he just doesn’t do them, so for our third Valentine’s Day, he bought me a card saying ‘I love bacon’ ‘and you’. As about romantic as he gets.. although he did make me bacon sandwiches, so I guess it was kind of cute!

So after I’d decorated the table, eaten & enjoyed a cup of tea in bed, I spent the day at uni, excited to get home & enjoy a greasy Chinese with my love. 

I practically raced home, eager to give mat his presents, (silly gifts like chocolate love hearts & couples trivia) and to order our Chinese! When I walked in I was greeted by the most beautiful big bunch of flowers, (he even remembered I don’t like a bunch of roses), my favourite chocolates and some wine. 

Because the flowers were so big, and at uni I don’t have any vases, I had to improvise with an old pasta jar and a pint glass.. classy huh? Haha. 

We had such a gorgeous night, eating, laughing and enjoying each other. Hoping you all had a loving, happy day. 

Broken nails, broken hearted

Now the reason behind the title.. I love having nice nails, I’ve never really bitten or abused my nails before, my mum being a nail technician made sure I didn’t ruin them! However of course, once I was old enough my mum would treat me to getting them done, always Creative Gel on my own nails. I have quite oily nails so most products don’t stay on my nails very long, they often start to lift fairly soon, however creative never did! As fashions changed and as I got older I started using tips, which I’d always got on with, until I started doing them myself. To save my mum time and effort she taught me to do my own, and they were always pretty good, however they were never perfect as they always took so long to do! I started pulling them off/ biting/ nibbling at them, which in time has ruined them. Just before Christmas I decided to give my very poorly, abused nails a rest, of course I couldn’t go the whole Christmas period with awful looking nails, so I had gellish applied, I was so embarrassed about my nails but the tech was so good with them. They lasted until early January, however once I’d filled them off, my nails were still awful. They hurt when I touched them, they were splitting down the middle, they were snagging on things, they were basically all dark pink from the trauma they were put through! So I bought Sally Hansen Maximum Growth on an off chance it would protect my nails a little.


Wow this stuff is amazing, my poor nails have all grown out their trauma, in like a month! I’ve been filling them down so I’m getting rid of the poorly nails, and so they don’t crack/split and snag and create further trauma. They still aren’t perfect, they’re still super short, however it means if the trauma is gone, my mum will apply tips and I can have beautiful nails for my birthday!!

Anyone who struggles with nail growth/ strength, I cannot recommend this stuff enough!! You apply every other day, or unless you want to paint your nails, apply it almost like a base coat, and you also barely use any too! So will last for ages! So happy I decided to take a break from false nails, I can’t think how bad my nails would have been if I hadn’t have given them a break and a pamper, although I can’t wait for pretty long nails again!


(I’m so sorry my painting is awful.. pretty good for walking out the house though, right?)

L xx

One week to go! Valentines date night in!

For Valentines day, both me and my significant other don’t like to spend much, nor do we like to go out in the madness that is valentines date nights.. We much prefer sitting in our jamas, in a blanket fort, making memories, this will be our 3rd valentines day together, so I’ll be decorating our flat and cosying up with a takeaway! Here are my essentials for our night in! (P.S only one rule.. NO PHONES!)



Wishing you the best Valentines day, whether it’s a new date, a date with your loved one, a date with your best friend or a date with yourself, lots and lots of love! L xx

Monday, again?! Update & Blogger Recognition!

I love having busy weekends, but also hate them too! We got back home at 8pm last night and due to being up early Saturday, Late home Friday and up early on Sunday again, we had a jam packed weekend!! I love going to my home town for a weekend, but there’s always so much to do, see parents, grandparents, friends, family, and I’m such a home bird, so I love doing all these things, but the weekend flies by and you never really feel like you’ve had a break do you?


So Friday night my Uncle turned 50 (!!), so we went for a family meal and indulged in some very naughty foods & drinking, so Saturday was a struggle to get up! I’m not a big drinker, in fact I did dry January without even trying! So Saturday I was feeling fairly fragile, however a brunch date with the girls, a bit of retail therapy and a sunbed had me feeling so much better. I then got home and curled up on the sofa ad watched a film with my boyfriends mum, lush!

Sunday was family day, up early and had lots of time spent with my grandma, then we went off to my granny’s straight after. 10 cups of tea later, truly stuffed full of chocolate, we rolled home for a Sunday dinner, then we had to endure the long drive back to Leeds, and as soon as we got in we had a hot chocolate and climbed into bed! (So sorry about no post yesterday!)

So after my super busy weekend, and my waffling I’m finally catching up! Sorry for the waffle, I’m back on plan!


Also I just want to say Thank you to the beaut Afternooncaffeine13 for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition award, this is my 2nd time I’ve been nominated and I’m over the moon, never in a million years did I think I’d be nominated once never mind twice! Especially by such amazing bloggers!!

I’ll keep this short, but the only advice I can give is be happy whilst blogging, don’t force it, and enjoy, take lots from other bloggers, they’re the best inspiration! I started my blog as a get away, an online diary and I’d never thought anyone would be bothered to read it! So thank you to all that do. And if you’re reading this (after my big waffle!) I nominate you for the blogger recognition award too!

I hope this week brings you so much love, happiness and kindness, L xx

What’s in your makeup draw?

I’m super nosey when it comes makeup, so I thought I’d share my little stash! Because I have to carry my makeup around A LOT due to being an MUA (who travels to the venue), I have a gorgeous case, which houses a lot of my makeup, however I also have my every day makeup bag. So here’s pictures and very little reviews on what’s in both my case & my bag! (Can’t wait to own my own house and have a complete makeup room!) 

When I was researching whether I could afford to become a makeup artist, I constantly searched what MUA’s have in their kits, however a lot of makeup artists don’t enclose this information, and I can see why. This isn’t my full time job, nor am I experienced enough for it be, so I’d say my kit is lacking a little, however it does exactly what I need for my clients! 

Now my foundations cost a lot, and I don’t have as many as I definitely need, however I have a variety of Mac studio fix ‘NC’ and ‘NW’ so I can mix my own colour for my client, which I often do. Although I don’t use studio fix as an everyday on me, due to dry skin, I do use it for long length wear/ night out wear as it covers imperfections and gives fab coverage. It also provides many tones for different skin colours, (NW & NC) which gives a truer match. The benefit foundations were gifted to me by another retiring MUA, they’re very dark and I haven’t used a full face with it yet as I don’t know 100% how the wear would be with it, I do however use it as contouring as it’s super easy to blend! 

So this is all in my ‘top box’ if I’m going to a client and I know exactly what they need and if they’ve already ‘prepped’ their face, I can just take this along.. super handy & super easy. I often carry my eyeshadow palettes in here due to how big they are, these include Urban Decay’s naked 2,3 & smokey, Morphe Palettes 35O & 35N, and 2 revolution palettes, I don’t seem to reach for the revolution palettes much though. I also love the Mac prep & prime fix+ spray, I find it works well for me & for my clients. 

My clients possibly have better brushes used on them than I use on myself! I love Morphe brushes, for the price & quality you can’t go wrong! 

The little tray in the top of bottom half of the box houses all my cleaning products, lashes, cotton pads, hair ties/ hair bands, moisturisers, toners & cleansers all together, this way they’re neat & easily accessible. I usually let my clients pick their lashes, I often have a large range of different styles/ lengths.

Starting with the draws, I have in the top two disposable brushes etc, concealer, colour corrector and primers. The second two sponges & eyeshadows, the third contour/ highlighters & lip stick/ gloss, and the bottom business cards & lip liners/ eye liners/ eyelash glue! (I use duo sensitive so it’ll accommodate everyone). 

This is the contents of my makeup bag!!

  • 4 different types of foundations, usually I grab Kiko universal fit! (I don’t rate NYX at all) 
  • Brushes for any occasion! 
  • A razor.. always a just incase I guess! 
  • Hair ties, a must!
  • Concealer, although I’m not 100% happy with the benefit boiing
  • Dior powder when I need a lift, if not I’ll use mac’s setting powder 
  • Mascaras 
  • Highlighters! 
  • Sleek contour/ highlight kit, which is incredible quality! 
  • My favourite lipsticks ‘at the moment’ 
  • A mini setting spray 
  • A lip scrub 
  • Mac blusher 
  • A little bit of everything really! 

I would so recommend this lip scrub! It’s fab, tastes amazing and the only one I find works! 

Beechams for when I have a cold, I often have paracetamol in this little box too. 

Shockingly this hasn’t been in my makeup bag all that long, I know it looks gross! But this is my just incase I’m away and forget to moisturise! Always handy to have in my bag. 

So that’s my makeup stash! It never seems enough though does it? Let me see your reviews, or if you think I deffo need something to add to my kit! Also, welcome to February! Wishing you the most loving, happy month!

L xx